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Published May 06, 22
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6 Simple Techniques For 8 Benefits Of Flying By Private Jet Charter

You can even choose the make and model of the jet and customize your journey according to your schedule and travel needs. A last-minute change in travel plans? Hosting a party-in-the-skies? In-flight catering? The company can arrange everything according to your needs and specifications. The novelty of traveling on a chartered jet is an experience in and of itself.

There are many advantages to private jet charter. The ability to travel on your own schedule, access to thousands of airports, the privacy of your own aircraft, eliminating long airport lines, and significant time savings all contribute to the overall value of utilizing private aircraft charter.

If you’re on the fence about booking your first private jet charter, you’re probably weighing the pros and cons of flying private versus first class. Of course, chartering a private flight will commonly be more expensive than a first-class ticket on a commercial airline, but the exclusive perks that come with the price tag might make a private charter worth it.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 benefits we hear from our loyal customers. 5 Benefits of Flying Private Aircraft Charter – This is probably one of the most stressful parts of traveling as it’s the least predictable. Rather than rush to the airport, deal with the hassle of airport security and fight your way through crowds of people, when you fly private jet charter you can arrive to the airport when you want and leave at a time that fits your schedule.

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You’ll also have the space to work in privacy and enjoy your desired in-flight entertainment. – Tired of layovers? Fly direct to certain destinations that usually always require layovers with private jet charter. Also, enjoy shorter flight times with a faster jet that allows for more direct routes and flexibility to avoid adverse weather conditions.

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You are also in charge of making decisions about ground transfers, catering, and crew. Chartering a flight is fast and direct, cutting out all the hassle of travelling aboard a commercial flight. You’re In Charge, Charter flight services are typically sold by the hour, and there’s no need to worry about scheduling connecting flights as your private journey will be direct.

And sometimes, depending on the airport and facilities, you can drive right up to your plane and leave your car there while you’re away. Another benefit comes via the transportation of pets. This can be trickier on commercial flights, with pets often having to travel in the hold. A private charter will let them ride with you – a less stressful experience for sure.

But the same cannot be said of the way the industry has been affected by coronavirus. Those who can fly privately, where many aren’t able to, will do so. It allows travel amid times of heavy restrictions and keeps you in your own bubble in a time where health is at risk.

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Whether it’s just you on the plane or others, you can often opt to sit in a closed off section, or be with the rest of your passengers. If you’re on a work trip with others, you can take advantage of having the plane to yourself and conduct that all important business meeting at 30,000 feet.

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While carbon emissions have been on the decline due to fewer people traveling on the ground and in the air, a smaller, private plane will make less of an environmental impact that traveling on a larger, commercial airplane. This can justify taking advantage of chartered flights in the current global climate.

– and in the aftermath of it – plans have enforced strict health and safety guidelines. Chartered flight providers are even more stringent than commercial flights, partly because the lower amount of passengers means there are fewer people to keep tabs on. On top of this, private passengers will be expecting the top quality from their chartered service, having paid to travel safely and securely.

Employers have worried that their employees cannot make journeys for meetings, or be able to get around to actually conduct their work. The answer: charter a jet. Generally, there are four main types of private flight, as listed below:Private and Public Charter Flights, A private charter flight is for individual use – so your trip is totally your own.

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This can be for as little as 1 to 100 passengers. It ordinarily works by the main renter covering the cost. Public charters are usually organised via air carriers and the carriers’ rota. It is a more restrictive method as you cannot totally take charge of your itinerary. Instead you must adapt to the pre-planned rotas.